About us

Established in 2002 through the relocation of production facilities in the western part of the continent, the company Serirom SRL operates on former industrial fabrics Buhusi in an area of Bacau county where textile tradition dates from 1885.

The history of over 120 years of processing yarn and fabric production in these places makes our company work in specific areas of the textile industry and among the workforce relatively easy to be found qualified and experienced in this field.

Serirom SRL processes from natural silk raw silk skeins of origin as China.

Lowest smoothness of silk yarn is 20/22 denier yarn finesse but processor and 24/26 den, 27/29 den, 40/44 den, etc..

Recall that smoothness or length density in denier silk yarn is specific and express the weight in grams of 9000 meters of thread.

By combining thread titles diversity, the number of torsion applied by twisting the meanings of S and Z torsion between the duplication and overlap, our company has a portfolio of about 25 products in production.

The final product can be delivered on different supports, plastic tubes generally in line with customer demand.

We can also perform any combination of title-torsion which is now in our portfolio.